How to increase your website visits

If current television advertisements and promotions are to be believed, one might think that simply subscribing to an online website service like those provided by GoDaddy, Wix and others would instantly lead to business success.


Creating a successful website requires significant time and effort, which can lead to your business’s overall success. It involves continuous monitoring of visitor traffic, frequent updates and edits to content that represents your business, and the management of social media advertisements, tweets and blogs.

If you are looking to use your website as a means to promote your business and increase prospective clients’ awareness of your products and services, we may be able to help.

In addition to our website development and maintenance services, our clients have consistently benefited from the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media management activities that we provide.

We must begin with Facebook.

Below are examples of the screens you would use in the Meta Business Suite to run your Facebook and, if linked, Instagram adverts and posts. As you can see the pages include a “To Do List – providing all the facilities to prepare your adverts and posts prior to publication”, “Planner – delivers the ability to plan the day/time each of your adverts are displayed”, “Insights – provides an analysis of how your campaigns are performing” and “Published – which delivers an up to date report on how your ads and posts are being received”.

Before reaching this stage, it’s necessary to edit your advertisements to match the sizes and formats approved by Meta, as well as include any content you wish to convey to your current and potential new clients.

As a small business, we understand that your time is precious, and this kind of work demands not only expertise but also dedicated time to ensure your marketing is effective from the outset.

Bearing this in mind, Brent Davenport Web Design has created a Social Media Department dedicated to guiding you effectively through your social media campaigns.

This is what we offer:-

  • Online consultation to identify how you would like to progress
  • Creation of online adverts for use with Facebook, Instagram & X (formally Twitter)
  • Should the creation and configuration of a Facebook/Instagram account and the Meta Business Suite not be ready, we will undertake the task for you
  • Make sure your website contains accurate links to each platform, allowing visitors to effortlessly access your advertisements and posts
  • Prepare all the created advertisements for a one-month campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Provide a comprehensive report on the performance of each advertisement at the conclusion of the initial month.

So what is the cost for all that is on offer?

We have devised the following special offer to kick-start your social media marketing endeavours:

  1. Develop five distinctive advertisements for common use on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  2. Agree and execute a plan to utilise the produced advertisements across various media for a duration of one month
  3. At the conclusion of the first month, we will compile a report detailing the performance of your advertisements and the progress achieved

All this is offered at the special price of £85.00 (ex vat)

The benefit of accepting our offer is that even if you choose not to renew your subscription after the first month, you will still possess a complete suite of social media programs and advertising templates to support your ongoing social media marketing efforts.

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This exclusive offer is available only until 30th June 2024

Our track record in this field is well-established, with clients experiencing increased website traffic and improved search engine rankings. Several clients have entered into maintenance contracts with us, encompassing regular updates and the creation of new content for their websites and social media platforms.